Nantes-1, Pays de loire

معرّف غرمبز P00438
خطّ عرض 47.20615768432617
خطّ طول -1.5646076202392578
مدينة Nantes-1
ولاية/ محافظة Pays de loire
Enclosed By
Pays de loire
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ملاحظة: 1

This is a note for a town without associated events.

ملاحظة: 2 (ملاحظة شخص)

This is the second note

ملاحظة: 3 (نص المصدر)

On every third blue moon, Lewis Anderson Garner would dress in a purple dress and claim that his name was Louis Garner.

ملاحظة: 4 (نسخة)

I baptized on June the second Lewis Anderson legitimate son of Guillielmus Garner and Elisabetha Becke. Godparents were petrus Arts and Catharina Van de Voorde

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